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The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) – is a yearly seven-day bicycle ride across the state. RAGBRAI is the oldest, largest, and longest bicycle touring event in the world, and unlike anything you have ever experienced. 

RAGBRAI LI  July 20-27, 2024

Join us for an unforgettable journey across Iowa. You will be exposed to Iowa's beautiful countryside and small-town hospitality by touring the state with 10,000+ of your closest friends and at an unequivocally enjoyable pace.

Riding RAGBRAI wit​h Bike Burlington

Come be a part of the longest, largest, and oldest bicycle touring event in the world, and do so with one of Iowa's oldest and most experienced bicycle clubs!

Bike Burlington is the perfect pairing of accommodating travel, support, and camaraderie, helping riders make life-long memories and friendships on an incredible 7-day journey.


Whether a first-time rider or experienced veteran, Bike Burlington's camping and travel accommodations see to it that riders and their gear get safely across the state. With so many people participating in RAGBRAI, it's nice to have the personalized support of the bike club to make for an even more enjoyable ride. 

The Perks:

  • Rider transportation is provided in an air-conditioned charter bus that will leave Bickel's Cycling and Fitness in West Burlington, Iowa, and travel to the starting town. The bus will also take you back to West Burlington after the ride is finished.

  • Parking for the week is FREE!

  • Bike Burlington will transport your luggage for the entire week and set up the campsite daily. (Arrangements can be made with camp staff to set up your tent.) The route to the campsite will be marked. Bike Burlington has a canopy and chairs at their site.

  • A generator will be provided at the campsite to recharge cell phones and other electronic devices.

  • Cold beverages (pop, water, Gatorade, and alcoholic drinks) will be provided at the campsite.
    Please note: A Bike Burlington wristband will be needed to use the coolers. (The wristband is included with the BB support.)

  • We will have a meet-and-greet meal on the first night. This gives everyone a chance to meet each other and the club's hired support team, including the camp director and assistants.

Registration Details

Registration is open!

All weeklong riders need to be registered and paid before 5/14/2024 (if after the deadline and you have a wristband already, please contact Tyler at

Below is a step-by-step guide to registering for RAGBRAI with Bike Burlington:


  • To travel with our club, you need to be a member. Yearly membership is $30.00 for a single or $50.00 for a family. You can download the application by clicking on the 'Membership Application' button on the left side of your screen. Or you have the choice of an electronic membership application. Pay the dues by check or by PayPal. 

  • Go to and click on the registration button. This will take you to Emotive. If a returning Rider, you will likely have to recreate your login and password. To sign up for RAGBRAI, follow these steps:

  • Choose Bike Burlington (11) under Teams (that will put you with us, and your wristband number will be associated with Bike Burlington.)

  • Do not get a vehicle pass! You will not be able to park that with the club and our staff will not be able to drive it for you.

  • Once you have registered for RAGBRAI, you will need to register with Bike Burlington.

  • Please complete both, the Support and Transportation Google form and the Membership Google form (if you are not a current member or have not completed the form). It is important to complete the membership form to ensure you continue to receive updates of the club.  

  • To pay for fees, click below on the Ragbrai Transportation and Support Sign up link or click above to go the transportation/support sign up page. 

Transportation and Support Fees

•    Week-Long Rider is $395 (if paid before March 31st); $425 (if paid after March 31st)

      Transportation only for rider & gear to Ottumwa $50. If wanting to add 2 nights support it's $65 a night, total $180 for transportation & support.
•    Daily Rate is $60 (if paid before March 31st); $65 (if paid after March 31st; does not include bus fee)
•     If riding daily with us and needing a bus ride in one direction, this option is available for $85. Seats will be available after 6/4 upon approval by Tyler.
•     With expenses going up, we have decided to charge a 3% convenience fee (for credit card payments) on all transactions done through Bike Burlington’s website. If you wish to avoid this fee, you are welcome to send a check to the club’s P.O. Box address.

You Want to Bring an E-Bike
This year, we are opening up a few spots for riders who want to bring an e-bike for the week! If you are interested, please reach out to Tyler.

•    The Batteries with your E-Bike Must be UL 2849 Certified to ride on our truck with everyone’s gear.
•    The club has 8 outlets available on a first-come, first-served basis.
•    $75 an outlet (if you have two chargers, you will need two outlets).
•    Generators are turned off at 9 pm, so riders will need to plan accordingly, allowing for plenty of time to charge batteries.

If paying by check, please mail to:


Bike Burlington


P.O. Box 1135

Burlington, IA 52601


It is critical that you pay and sign the waiver when you sign up for RAGBRAI.


The Transportation and Support fees, when paid, guarantee you a seat on the bus. If you sign up with RAGBRAI early, we will hold your seat till March 31st. If you have not paid the Bike Burlington Support and Transportation fees by then your seat on the bus will be up for grabs!


Refunds: If you can't make the ride, we will try to help you sell your wristband, but can make no guarantees.

Camping Refunds: As with the wristbands, we will try to help you sell your spot, but can make no guarantees.


If you have questions, please contact Tyler Bickel at or call 319-572-2120 or 319-754-4410

Other Important Details

Refunds: Bike Burlington will not issue any refunds on wristband purchases after Feb. 20th. If you can't make the ride, we will try to help you sell your wristband but can make no guarantees.

This year's camping and transportation fee will be $395.00 if paid before March 31, and $425.00 after March 31. (This includes drinks out of the BB coolers)

Camping Refunds: The deadline for camping/transportation refunds is May 31st. As with the wristbands, we will try to help you sell your spot.

Important RAGBRAI Dates

11/14/23: Registration Opens. Week $225/ Day $45
3/1/24: 1st Registration increase. Week $250/ Day $50
4/14/24: 2nd Registration increase. Week $275/ Day $60

5/14/24: Registration Closes

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